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Lets talk about it - the perfect massage
Posted By Admin, January 19, 2015, in Health

A gifted masseur will help you relax, soothing away the aches and pains of the day. When it comes to foreplay, massage is an essential ingredient, relaxing and arousing the lovers. When combined with aromatic oils, a massage can provide an out of this world sensual experience.

In Emmanuelle 2 there is a sexually charged scene where Emmanuelle, her husband and a beautiful young blonde woman are simultaneously given a full body massage by three Thai women. The scene is more than memorable, with the beautiful Emmanuelle being in turns aroused by the soft and probing hands on her body as well as the sight of the young women enjoying her first ever massage. I would recommend that you check this out if you remain to be convinced of the physical possibilities inherent in an expert massage.

Escorts have long since been associated with massages. A high quality escort may be a beautiful woman with a high powered sexual allure but she is also capable of relaxing and satisfying a man or woman using her hands in a well-practised and intimate fashion.

Massages have a long history, for medical and erotic purposes. In the ancient Hindu tradition a massage had religious connotations, elevating the giver and the receiver to a higher spiritual state, awakening a new consciousness. Now, in the modern Western world ‘navatantra’ or ‘neotantra’ (‘new’ tantric sex as translated from the Sanskrit) is a commonly practised form of intimacy which is gaining converts all the time being so hugely enjoyable and sensual.

So, enjoying a fabulous massage courtesy of a stunning young escort has an appeal on so many levels. The massage can be an end in itself, being so satisfying, so relaxing and indeed so elevating and need not be a precursor to any other kind of intimate activity. Book your perfect massage today.



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