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Lets talk about it - intimacy
Posted By Admin, January 10, 2015, in relationships

There is a famous book that was published in the nineties about how to get what you want from a relationship called ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. It was written by an American doctor called John Gray. The central premise of the superficially scholarly tome is that when either partner in a relationship thinks they are putting in more than they are getting out of it then they become resentful and ultimately that relationship will crack. He writes about the differences between the sexes and the title of the book refers to the idea that ultimately we are two different species when it comes to needs and that we should be aware of that when interacting with each other.

But are men and women really so different? I think it is a myth that men like sex more than women for example. As a party loving girl I like to have fun and I am just as sexually lustful as my male friends. And just like the guys I know, if I am not getting any then I get moody! I think as an escort that I actually have a pretty good inkling about what makes a man tick and especially when it comes to relationships. I have spent time with single guys but also with married ones who were not getting what they wanted out of their relationships and were looking for some excitement and the occasional sensual massage from an adventurous and fun loving girl. I have also provided companionship services to guys who just want to flirt or chat or have a laugh. And isn’t that what we all want from life – intimacy, friendship, flirty fun?



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