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Lets talk about it - Sharing Saucy Snaps
Posted By Admin, March 6th, 2015, in relationships

Who doesn’t take a saucy photograph of themselves these days? And if you want to send it to someone to turn them on, why not go for it? Even if it’s a casual acquaintance you can always use an application like ‘Snapchat’ to ensure there is no comeback, right?

Well, wrong actually. Apparently some clever folks have worked out a way to capture even those momentary images. And in the wake of the recent hacking of nude celebrity pictures in the cloud it seems that you share your naked self at your own peril.

At least that’s what I thought to begin with. I then realised that the only reason this is an issue is that we as a society appear to have an issue with nudity. Think about it – going topless never mind totally naked is taboo on British beaches. Compare that attitude with more liberal and liberated countries like France where a girl can let it all hang out. I mean, what’s so shocking about the human body? Just who are these guardians of the nation’s morals and why do I have to live my life according to their rules? Escorts are pretty independent and confident girls by definition and I certainly like to enjoy life to the full. There is no more fun to be had than when one is naked! I must plan my next holiday around some naturist site in the South of France!

But back to online images! Sending a picture of yourself in a sexy pose has become part and parcel of modern dating. And personally I see absolutely nothing wrong with the practice, though I do know of an escort whose ex posted intimate pics online that she had sent him, so I suppose that is still an area of concern. Apart from that I say click away!



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