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Lets talk about it - Sensual Awakening
Posted By Admin, March 5th, 2015, in Health

You will have noticed that this blog is not about a sexual awakening: though that is a topic I may cover in the future. No, this is about a far more complex and interesting theme – sensual awakening. Most individuals will have sex at some point in their lives and for some it will come sooner rather than later. My first experience was when I was seventeen with a high school sweetheart. I seem to remember it was unsatisfying but did awaken in me a desire to learn more and to experience ever more wild and wanton acts. And that is where sensual awakening comes in. If you go through life having the same kind of sex in the same kind of position each and every time you may get pleasure from the sex act but it will be no better than the pleasure you get from eating a Big Mac – you will know what to expect and no doubt will respond in the same way. However, if you are open minded to the idea of experimenting, trying out new things with new people then you are likely to develop your sensual appetite in much the same way as a gourmet will try different foods, even burgers.

My sensual awakening truly began in my early twenties when I began seeing a man in his forties. He had quite the imagination and he put a lot of effort into creating the ideal, most conducive conditions for deliciously satisfying lovemaking. We would share our fantasies, take our time, burn incense, drink champagne, eat strawberries – whatever we felt would heighten the moment of physical pleasure and increase our satisfaction. He was a great lover and a great teacher. And having been tutored by him in the art of love I found myself hungry for ever more erotic and thrilling times.

I am now a connoisseur of the sensual and I yearn to sate my deep desires. Are you free for a drink on Wednesday?

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