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Lets talk about it - Romance
Posted By Admin, March 3rd 10, 2015, in relationships

Romance is dead. I can categorically say that in our modern, cynical world the idea that a woman must be wooed and that a man must be ‘romantic’ has gone out of the window. Nowadays we are far more forthright about our desires and it is no longer possible for a man to pull the wool over a woman’s eyes. If a guy is after sex then the girl will sniff it out. In fact, guys who have been up front with me have always had a better chance of succeeding in seduction. I think it is hot when a man comes straight out and says that he wants and desires you. I hate all that pussyfooting around, what with corny chat up lines, smarmy stories and mock interest in my hobbies! LOL. Just get to the point boys and keep the single rose, the heart shaped box of chocolates and the little teddy bear with ‘be mine’ embroidered on the front, they’re not needed with this girl.

Of course I am just speaking from my own experiences and I fully accept that there are plenty of women out there who need to be gently won over, seduced with sweet nothings and a candlelit diner at the local Italian. Let’s face it, most little girls grow up on a diet of Disney princesses so it’s only natural that the propaganda will stick to some if not all of its targets. And that applies to some of my fellow escorts – there are escorts I know who just swoon when a man recites poetry. Others who cannot resist a man when ‘Unchained Melody’ is playing on the stereo and yet others who love a gift of a dozen roses and will reward the giver to a night of pure pleasure! Just not me...



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