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Lets talk about it - Relationships
Posted By Admin, January 10, 2015, in relationships

It’s part and parcel of the human condition to want to spend time with someone that you find interesting, attractive, and sexy. But whilst there are many benefits to being in a relationship there is also a flip side.

Are human beings monogamous by nature? I ask because it seems to me that being in a relationship with one person requires an awful lot of effort. It could be described as Herculean in fact! Let’s take it bit by bit. First of all, once the honeymoon period of a relationship has worn off how does one keep the sexual flames fanned? Inevitably lovers will seek to introduce new and ever more kinky bedroom activities into their sex life such as toys, risqué lingerie or erotic films. Some couples might even look to fetishist and taboo acts such as sex in public or light bondage to find that extra sexy spark. Of course there will be others where there just isn’t sex anymore at all! How depressing is that?

Aside from lust, is love enough to keep a couple happy? Is intimacy, friendship and two names on a mortgage sufficient to satisfy one’s soul? I accept that being on your own can be a lonely existence, but then I always think book one of us escorts if you want to enjoy intimate female companionship. Why be alone when there are so many willing and lovely young women looking to spend time with you? Actually, being in a relationship without intimacy can make you just as miserable and lonely. Many couples just go through the motions. In that instance would it be wrong for someone to look elsewhere for some love and affection?

There are examples of people being lifelong lovers, couples who just can’t get enough of each other, people who genuinely love their partner more and more each day. But I do think that the exception proves the rule. To my mind, variety is the spice of life and as an escort I just couldn’t imagine spending my life with just the one person.



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