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Lets talk about it - Je ne sais quoi
Posted By Admin, March 2nd, 2015, in relationships

There is a French saying, je ne sais quoi, which literally translated means ‘I know not what’. The phrase is used to describe some elusive quality that can’t be explained, usually associated with the charisma or allure of a beautiful woman. I always think that this description can be applied to an escort because we have an appeal that goes far beyond mere physical attributes. Ask yourself, those amongst you who have enjoyed the companionship of an escort, what it was about your girl and your date that made it special? Sure, eye candy is great and the soft touch of a girl’s hands on your skin is a delight that has to be experienced to be believed but I’m suggesting that what made the occasion truly memorable was that there was a certain spark, a sexy chemistry, a thrilling sense of pleasure and adventure that hung in the air. And that sexy chemistry came from the delicious, warm, friendly and amenable girl by your side.

One of the things about this type of allure is that a girl either has it or she doesn’t. You can’t learn ‘allure’, you can’t be schooled in emitting an aura and a sense of fun to be had. But if you have got it then I think you should flaunt it and it wouldn’t surprise me if girls whose very presence elicits a breathless ‘je ne sais quoi’ from a mesmerised male are more likely to be attracted to the escort way of life.



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