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Lets talk about it - intimacy
Posted By Admin, January 10, 2015, in relationships

He concluded that there was a triangle of factors, each interdependent and existing to a greater or lesser degree. These three components were commitment, passion and intimacy.

Until I studied Sternberg at University I had always associated intimacy with sex, but then I have always been something of a party animal! At college I had a reputation as something of a wild child and it was inevitable that I would seek out a profession which would allow me to get my kicks whilst paying the rent! Being a highly educated escort does have its benefits as I can hold a conversation with anyone, I have a deeper understanding of the profundity of life and relationships and I am able to analyse things to an extent that is illuminating and informative. Understanding this triangular theory of love has actually made me a better escort I think.

So, what is intimacy? Well, for Sternberg it was about closeness, feelings of attachment, having a special bond with someone. The physical expression of that feeling in the form of hot sex would be classed as passion. Commitment needs no explanation.

Being with an escort can provide this intimacy. I have clients I have been seeing for some time. I know them so well and they know me intimately. There is a special bond: it’s great to be able to share a quiet moment or a joke that only the two of us would get. If you’d like to begin to create that special connection then call now.



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