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Lets talk about it - Feminism
Posted By Admin, March 1st, 2015, in relationships

I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about feminism and feminists. One on side there seems to be this stereotype that a feminist is a man hating lesbian with short cropped hair, denim dungarees and a face that even a mother couldn’t love. But that’s just nonsense. On the other side there are those who would say that an escort can’t be a feminist due to the fact that she spends intimate time with numerous men. Again, that’s nonsense too.

Being a feminist is all about empowerment. As a strong woman I feel that I am the equal of a man whilst at the same time I have the freedom to make my own decisions. If I choose to be an escort who is to say that is wrong? I am not prepared to be judged by others with preconceived ideas of morality or behaviour.

I suppose the other thing to mention if I am blogging about this particular topic is that a man can be a feminist too: it’s not some women only club! Again, at its core it is about equality and giving women the right to make their own choices. In fact, even as I wrote the word ‘given’ just then I began to question it. I don’t need to be ‘given’ something that is mine by right.

There is a danger that I am coming across too strident, too fixed in my world view. Just to reassure my lovely clients I am still that fun girl who is always up for a good time! It’s just that I am saying that I love having adventures and it’s a way of life I choose for myself – I am not oppressed, no one is taking advantage of me (unless I let them LOL) and each and every date I go on is a delicious delight! This is one girl who enjoys being in control!



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