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Its a small world
Posted By Admin, November 6th, 2015, in General

As the saying goes it a small world it certainly is, Last weekend I was sitting at Las Vegas airport waiting for my plane, which was on a 5-hour delay. I did not know this but an airline has to provide a food voucher if their planes are delayed. I wasn’t that bothered but most people were queuing for their vouchers.

After a short spell of people watching I happened to see this beautiful redhead who I was sure I knew from somewhere. I sat there for at least 30 minutes trying to work out where I had seen her before, I was crossing of encounters in my head where we had met then the light bulb moment I realised where I knew her from.

I decided to try and get close to her to strike up a conversation, having waited for her to spend her food voucher and finished her snack I made my move and sat next to her. I opened up with that corny line "I know you" the moment the words left my lips she started to look around in panic and denial.

She was a visiting escort and I had booked her when I was staying at a Windsor hotel some 6 months previous. I actually live in Cumbria so I was a long way from home at the time that was first time I have ever booked an escort she worked for a company call

Eventually she conceded that she used to be an escort and apparently I was her first and only punter, she decided that the job was not for her even thought she told me she had a wonderful time on our 4 hour booking. I was sitting listening to her life story trying to be interested but I was keep having flashbacks from our paid encounter, she then said to me she was actually contemplating a return to the profession due to her financial predicament.

I let that news sink in not knowing how to play it as clearly I wanted her. With my recent wedding ring burning on my finger and the guilt in my head just from my thoughts I made her an offer that would probably suit us both.

Rather than pay outright for anything I made a bet with her, I bet her that for £500 she would be too scared to join the mile high club, we both knew that I was going to lose the bet but It served both our purposes, I didn’t feel seedy and didn’t feel like she was being paid for sex.

Our arrangement worked a treat, mile high blow job and now me and Jacquie had a wonderful relationship, every time I travel to Berkshire we meat up I propose a wager, she never going to lose and she ends up with a bit of spare cash.



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